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Veteran Dreams – Do they mean anything?

Updated: Apr 29

So, we as veterans live with vivid dreams or nightmares every day from our traumas and experiences in the past. Some of us remember them, while others do not remember anything but are told of our antics by our loved ones the following day. Many people believe that our dreams mean something. That they are a sign or signal from our past, present, or into our future. Dreams are a way for our subconscious to indirectly communicate to us in various ways and definitions depending on the perspectives at a particular time in our lives. No matter what you believe, some fascinating research on this area may help you better understand what you are experiencing in your dreams. So, I hope this information helps.

11 Soldier Dream Interpretations

The dream world reveals many things; however, dreaming of soldiers reveals that you must remain more disciplined and braver, which will lead to success. This dream shows success at work. This does not mean that you must forget your commitment to family and friends.

Dreaming of soldiers is related to your hidden desires. The subconscious is reminding you of your need for authority in your life. It also represents the hierarchy and encouragement of striving to maintain security.

This dream reveals that you feel a lot of emotional oppression, generally coming from outside influencers. Dreaming of an army is synonymous with the past. It refers to struggles in the past and serving others.

Dreaming about soldiers shows your internal conflicts and the battles you are willing to fight. This problem usually is closely related to situations of sadness. You are amid a struggle, and you want to resolve this conflict.

To dream of a military person performing an act of tenderness or kindness is a sign that an unexpected benefit will soon befall you. You will appreciate it as much because it came from an unexpected source as you received it.

One of the most important things to consider is recognizing the context of dreams and finding their real connection in your life. If you dress as a soldier, it is a sign that you will go through a busy period after the struggle.

If you become a soldier, it symbolizes hope, stability, and security. This dream also relates to kindness, and unexpected benefits will occur soon.

Dream of armed soldiers

If you have dreams of armed soldiers, it is a sign that you want things to go perfectly. However, you do not listen to other people’s opinions even when you know that your decision might be wrong. You do not allow others to help you.

An alternate meaning of this dream is that you desire peace. If you have problems in a relationship, you must address them immediately. Now it is time to resolve all conflicts and achieve peace.

Dream of a military plane

When you see a military plane, problems may occur soon. It helps if you act in the most peaceful way to calm the situation and reach a solution. This also is a warning to be aware of unexpected situations. You must arm yourself with an effective defensive mechanism.

Dream of army boots

When army boots appear in your dreams, you are abusing your power. It makes people distance themselves from you because they believe anything can happen. If you do not become aware of starting to treat others with respect, you will not have a solution.

Dream about paratroopers

When you see paratroopers, severe problems will be experienced. Things can become confusing due to a misunderstanding. You will eventually get out of this inconvenience.

Dream of soldiers marching

When you see soldiers marching, it is time to show your personality and independence to achieve your goals and expectations. Dreaming of soldiers marching also indicates that you always have other people to support you. Soldiers marching also signifies that you are on the right track. This is an optimum time to make future investments to generate many profits.

Dream of soldiers shooting

When soldiers shoot in your dreams, you are very ambitious. It helps to maintain a lot of discipline and patience when implementing plans, but do not neglect the spiritual parts of your life. Be grateful for everything you have achieved.

Dream of soldiers hitting you

This dream indicates that you should listen to others. You must accept your mistakes and reconsider your options. You must understand that deciding is not synonymous with loyalty. When the army beats you, you have lost your ability to express yourself.

Dream of a foreign soldier

When you dream of foreign soldiers, this usually is synonymous with new experiences. This dream reveals the need to change your atmosphere to bring a unique perspective with many new benefits. It helps if you find happiness in the people around you. Be cautious of people who look friendly because they could potentially betray you.

Dream of a dead soldier

This dream expresses that you are experiencing a huge problem, which makes you upset. Dead soldiers in dreams usually occur when you undergo challenging times and tension. This dream is generally related to relationship issues, and you should avoid misunderstandings that can result in breakups.

Dream of soldiers at war

Dreams with soldiers on the battlefield show that you will share your life with others for a common purpose. You may be potentially looking for a mission where you can assert the rights of others. It also will show hopes coming true and receive good news at your work.

Dream about police and soldiers

When you see the police and the army, this is a sign that you have not done things the best of ways—this dream expresses feelings of guilt.

Uncovering Hidden Dream Meanings

Dreaming of soldiers may display the desire for increased self-discipline or the lack of it in your life. Furthermore, this dream may indicate an excellent inner discord since the dream highlights how you battle with yourself. However, when the dream is associated with negative inner thoughts, this may suggest that waking up everyday life is too disciplined and predictable.

Detailed dream interpretation

· Dreaming of soldiers can also be associated with confrontation, challenge, and fear. This dream can be connected to your fear of change.

· You will have a happy moment ahead if you see a soldier parade.

· Soldier dreams for a woman are an omen for sexual adventures.

· Mostly a dream of soldiers is a sign of obedience and discipline.

· Dreaming of soldiers in formation is an omen for restlessness in your life.

· If you see more soldiers forming in your dreams, you might be worried and experience some unhappiness soon.

· Seeing soldiers is a reminder of perseverance and loyalty.

· Seeing soldiers on guard is an indication that you may be waiting in vain.

· If soldiers pursue you in your dreams, you should expect some potential anxieties and unpleasant times.

· Seeing the soldier is a warning to pay attention to your life and apply some discipline within it. It can signify unpleasant changes until you manage to settle down and move on with your own life.

· Working with a soldier in your dream could signify that you are passionate and looking to flirt (for women) but may mean worries (for men).

· A soldier wearing a beautiful uniform signifies a love affair in a woman’s dream, maybe even an invitation to an event. For a man, this displays that you have a lot of self-confidence.

· If you see a soldier on guard, you will soon be fortunate.

· Many soldiers participating in a parade can mean that joyful moments will shock you.

· Marching soldiers are usually a sign of changes that might depress you, which may help you win against your enemies. This dream could predict unpleasant moments at work, especially with your superiors or authority.

· A soldier coming after you in your dreams means that you will experience some troublesome times and have problems requiring a specific mastery to solve.

· Seeing a soldier in a war is a sign of a quarrel, an unpleasant discussion, a violent confrontation, or a separation.

· A wounded soldier in your dreams forecasts that some people will create problems and complications in your life.

· A courageous soldier in your dreams means that your wishes and desires will precisely be granted as you wished.

· If you see soldiers in a fortress, this could refer to your state of exhaustion and depression.

· A patrol in your dreams means that you might not get back some money you have recently lent.

· Recruiting soldiers in a dream is a sign of worries and a possible promotion at work.

· A regiment in your dreams indicates that someone close to you is too tenacious.

Dreams are confusing. So, hopefully, this helps you understand your dreams a little better than before. If not, at least you can take a little different perspective from your dreams to maybe help improve your mindset or mental health in the long run. Either way, knowledge is power, and I hope you gained some from this article. Well, enough for now, take care, be safe, and I will see you next time.

Dr. John Heintzelman


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