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Thank You NVOAF for the Bear Hunt

After reflecting on this past week, I am incredibly thankful, humbled, and grateful for the incredible week of bear hunting with Scott Robinson and the Nevada Outdoor Adventure Foundation. This organization gives veterans unforgettable hunting and fishing adventures.

It was a very informative week filled with hunting knowledge and sharing experienced hunters' passions and traditions. The purpose of a hunt is not just to kill a bear or any other game, but to maintain wildlife and help strengthen the ecosystem.

After sitting in a blind, tree stands, and in a hide position for over 22 hours, I discovered there are no guarantees of getting a kill. Too many factors add up to one final adrenaline-filled moment. I know I am a good shot; however, on the last 30 minutes of my week's hunt, a bear presented himself to me, and I missed my shot. I was so frustrated then; however, I realized it was not my time, and Bear had won this duel. As Scott Robinson says, “We don’t guarantee a bear, but we guarantee the adventure.”

This week's adventure was so therapeutic. Between the sounds of nature, camaraderie, and experiencing something new with fellow Veterans simply heals the soul and rejuvenates me. Thank you so much, Scott, Gavin, Dave, Lon, and all the sponsors who provided this adventure. It will not be forgotten.

To other veterans, get out there and try something new in the Outdoors! The beauty and sounds of the Outdoors are simply therapeutic. I recommend this to everyone, and “The Nevada Outdoor Adventure Foundation” are experts in this field and provide you with an amazing experience. Here is their website Check them out.

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