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How 10 Different Countries Celebrate Veterans Day

Updated: Apr 29

The United States observes Veterans Day every year on November 11. This public holiday pays homage to U.S. Armed Forces veterans. This was formerly called Armistice Day.

The date signifies the anniversary of the First World War ending, when the Armistice signed with Germany taking effect at 11 a.m. on November 11, 1918. The name of this federal holiday was changed to Veterans Day in 1945 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Celebration Of Veterans Day In Other Countries

Ah, Veterans Day – when we take a break from our routine lives and nod to those who served their countries with such fanfare. So, buckle up, dear readers, as we embark on a whirlwind tour of 10 countries that love celebrating their vets with just as much vigor and sarcasm as I'm writing this article.

United States: The Land of the Free (and Insane Discounts)

Veterans Day is all about barbecues, parades, and patriotic speeches in America. But let's not forget the show's real stars: insane discounts. Stores nationwide use this day to show their love for veterans by offering sweet deals on everything from mattresses to electronics. Because nothing says "thank you for your service" quite like a 50% off sale on flat-screen TVs.

Canada: Where the Poppies Bloom

Just north of the border, our Canadian friends celebrate Remembrance Day. They honor their veterans by wearing red poppy pins, the Canadian equivalent of an American flag pin. But fear not, Canadians love their retail therapy – look out for those special Remembrance Day sales.

Australia: Beers and Bugles Down Under

In Australia, they call it ANZAC Day, a holiday full of dawn services, bugle calls, and beer. It's like Veterans Day but with a twist: Aussies honor not just their vets but also those from New Zealand. Talk about mateship!

Russia: A Parade of Power

Please leave it to Russia to turn Veterans Day into a flex of military might. Every May 9, Moscow's Red Square becomes a massive runway for tanks, missiles, and soldiers. But don't worry; they save some time for heartfelt toasts to the veterans – with vodka.

France: All the Baguettes and Wine You Can Handle

The French celebrate Armistice Day with public holidays, military parades, and, as you might have guessed, lots of wine. It's a big "Merci beaucoup" party with baguettes and cheese for their veterans.

United Kingdom: Poppies and Pints

The Brits, much like their Canadian cousins, wear red poppies on Remembrance Day. But in true British fashion, they also raise a pint (or several) to their veterans in local pubs. Cheers, mate!

Poland: Veterans, Pierogi, and Polka

On November 11, Poland's National Independence Day honors its veterans and independence. And what better way to do so than by devouring pierogi, dancing to polka tunes, and singing patriotic songs?

Israel: Two Minutes of Silence, Then Party On

In Israel, Yom Hazikaron is a solemn day when the entire country stands still for two minutes in memory of fallen soldiers. Once the sirens stop, however, the country erupts into a wild celebration of life, gratitude, and freedom.

Brazil: Samba and Soldiers

Brazil celebrates Veterans Day, Dia do Soldado, with the same enthusiasm they bring to Carnival – samba, street parties, and elaborate parades. They know how to turn to honor their veterans into a full-blown fiesta.

India: Parades, Prayers, and Pilgrimages

India's Veterans Day, known as Vijay Diwas, is a blend of parades, prayers, and pilgrimages to war memorials. It's a colorful and spiritual tribute to the nation's brave soldiers.

Image provided by Adobe Stock (April 2023).

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