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Change your Perspective – Change your Life!

Updated: Apr 29

Sometimes, It’s All About Perspective! Everybody experiences life in their way. They experience their highs and lows. Their challenges are unique, and what may be hard for one person may be nothing to another. Why is that? Due to perspective. Many people have experienced more challenges than others, making many occurrences normal for them, or they may take a positive perspective to get them through their challenges.

Imagine two people standing in a large body of water. The first person is 4'5", and the second person is 6,5". The shorter person feels like he is drowning with the water up to his neck, while the other only is up to his waste and feels good. Why is that when the water is the same depth? It s all about perspective!

Everyone’s challenges and how they overcame them would not fit into everyone else’s life and circumstances. The biggest key takeaway is not to feel alone or sorry for yourself. Be thankful and happy for everything. You should feel sorry for those who have it all and still are not satisfied. Remember, life is only 10 percent about what happens to you and 90 percent about how you react to things because it is all about perspective. It is your attitude rather than your aptitude that determines your altitude.

Changing your Perspective can Change your Life

Life is always a battle between “what we see” and “how we interpret” the things surrounding us. However, our surroundings around us should not define us. The presence of these surroundings should help define our essence. We are always trapped in this existential crisis. We are a product of perception and perspective. This debate will never be decided. There is a finite distinction in seeing things as they indeed are. Unfortunately, this confusion keeps us debating with so many complex thoughts that the simple things in life go unnoticed. Life continues to be riddled with problems if we see problems as issues. There is a multiplier that affects us negatively. We find ourselves absorbed in a swarm of problems. However, life is filled with fascinating choices if we see a problem as an opportunity in life.

Our choices in life are significant. Small steps must be taken to help cover the travels in our life. These choices develop into different shades when we learn how to nurture our perspectives. People look at it differently, producing different levels of happiness. Therefore, some people are successful, while others are not.

We perceive each day as the same routine we usually hate to do. We term it providence. Every day usually turns out to be the same and monotonous. However, to change your perspective and see each day differently and as a lovely day and learn something different and new. The idea is to look at a situation in a positive light. This is not a defined skill, specific knowledge set, or technique acquired with education. It is a subtle shift in how we look at things, paying attention to the simple things in life.

Our perspectives change depending on the position in which we are sitting in the world and the whether we view it from the outside or inside.

Developing the ability to maintain stability in life is a process. This process will help cultivate a different perspective. When we go on a much-needed vacation, life suddenly appears different, attributed to the perspective we hold. This location change is only one facet of the argument. Perspective can be altered from this location change. The way we perceive this change and see things differently changes our perspective. It must be looked at from an angle of emotion and empathy. This thought is driven by purpose, inspiration, and determination.

When focused, our perspective is different than when our minds are distracted. When our minds have negative thoughts, everything appears unpleasant. When we think positively, everything is satisfying. When we look at problems with misery, we experience pain. When we look at similar issues with excitement, we experience happiness. The happiness of discovering new solutions is so incredible. This is solely due to a change in our perspective…

It is the confirmation that we make for ourselves that truly matters. If we confirm our happiness, everything will be fine, and it usually ends that way. Being positive makes us courageous. This fortitude conquers new frontiers.

Changing your perspective is not easy! Careful attention must be taken to change perspective, so courage and effort are needed. There is no quick solution. Reconditioning and training the mind is all that is required. Our perspectives are hidden in our brains. We must recognize and nurture those thoughts through multiple facets of life.

Hope is what gives us faith. Dreams are what drive us to our magical world. It simply resides in our eyes and minds and is developed over time.

Are your goals to survive or strive in life? This is a perspective that will improve and define you! If we motivate ourselves to survive, then we will only survive. If we choose to strive, we will strive to achieve. The question “can I” or “will I” will change to “I can” and “I will.” This is not merely a shift in a word arrangement; it is a significant uplift in thought process and determination.

One of our most powerful possessions is our perspective. It empowers us by developing a positive outlook on our lives. However, we get intimidated, tested, and humiliated when pushed into a corner. We can easily crumble from these outcomes. This perspective can simply be shifted by remaining determined and not overwhelmed. I choose to act and not react. It is better to stay positive by not becoming affected by negativity. We cannot become cocooned, tentative, reserved, and entangled in our surroundings. We need to break free from this with a profound perspective of choice. The choice is to enjoy life how it comes to us or manipulates life the way we want it to.

Life is all about playing with risk. We must choose, or life will take the risk for us. Our perspectives help us make these choices. This creates an enormous difference in our life. Every choice may not bring a similar outcome, but that should not stop us from exercising our perspective on choosing different life outcomes.

The choice is the perspective.

We can always be happy when we finally reach our destination or be satisfied along the journey. Happiness can occur in every small thing we do, or we can keep our happiness confined until we reach those big goals. Perspective allows us to have the choice. Our perspective protects us in these challenging times. If we cultivate the proper perspective, we will completely change how we view life.

Monitoring our perspectives in life is a daily affair. Our lives continually keep moving and constantly changing. We should celebrate triumphs when we get challenged. We get frustrated. We get dejected. We get desperate. If we let negative things control our lives and our perspectives, we will be stuck in a vicious life cycle of cynicism. We will continue to be skeptical about everything we do. We will be shrouded in depression.

This vicious cycle will continue until we change our perspective. The world is never how it appears; it is always how we interpret it. Color is merely the refracted wavelength of light. Color and light are a perspective of life…Think positive, and shift from life’s tendency to think negatively. Develop a completely new attitude through gratitude. Gravitate from smaller things and view life through a bigger lens. Nothing will last forever. Life constantly flows, and you can direct this flow in any direction you want it to travel. Ultimately things in life will finally boil down to putting things in a positive perspective. Nobody’s life is easy! We all experience challenges! We must all choose to be happy no matter what obstacles are thrown in our direction, allowing us to prosper. We must be satisfied where we have been because we have always stayed positive and believed.

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