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Southern Nevada Veteran Chamber of Commerce (SNVCC)

Our Mission

The mission of the Southern Nevada Veterans Chamber of Commerce is to serve and advocate for those who courageously served us. 


Mission Statement 

Regarding supporting local business and entrepreneurship development,  the SNVCC is focused on organizing regular business and social networking events, entrepreneurship training workshops, fundraising to support local businesses, and other types of support services to our local business community - veteran-owned and veteran-supporter-owned.


We promote increased veteran hiring and career recruiting for corporations seeking to bring on veteran talent into their culture or direct veterans to our ecosystem partners that can assist with their professional development in the community. We are highly committed to developing relationships that can help us grow a stronger ecosystem of veteran resources in our community.   


As a result of our efforts, the revenues earned will be directed toward developing a community foundation that not only highlights and promotes the existing veteran resources in our community that are critical for successful military transition, and local veteran and military spouse support; but we want to bring everyone to the same table to collaborate together, and grow a hub of already existing resources that need to be supported through partnership to grow a stable and highly visible ecosystem that shows how strong our veteran community truly can be.


Enhancing the quality of life for veterans in 4 specific areas. We refer to these 4 areas as our Mission Cornerstones:

  1. Entrepreneurship

  2. Employment

  3. Education

  4. Veteran Advocacy

Merging Vets & Players (MVP)


They wanted to address the challenges that combat veterans and former professional athletes face in transition once the uniform comes off.


MVP empowers combat veterans and former professional athletes by connecting them after the uniform comes off; providing them with a new team to assist with transition, promote personal development, and show them they are never alone.


Waypoint Vets


Waypoint Vets is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization with the Mission of Uniting and Empowering Veterans through Activities and Adventure.  We facilitate unique opportunities of Camaraderie and Healing for Military Veterans across America at no cost to them.

Waypoint Vets adventures combine mental and physical intensity with the stillness and beauty of nature. Our participants engage in a variety of unique activities and challenges during the day, and evenings are spent reflecting and enjoying camaraderie. We strive to deliver meaningful and lasting experiences that our Veterans can look forward to and reflect upon.

Veterans Action Foundation


No Veteran Left Behind

VAF assists other organizations which support veterans, their families, and survivors. We build partnerships to reduce government burden by providing access to records supporting veterans. Veterans Action Foundation is a nonprofit organization, 501(c)(3).

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