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Veterans Resource &
Transition Guide

A 700-page book on the challenges that veterans face daily as they transition back in their new civilian lives

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About the Author

Dr. John Heintzelman served in the military from 1992 till 2015. He served as an Airborne Infantry Senior NCO for over 22 years with numerous awards and decorations to include the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

After over 22 years he decided to pursue his doctorate in Psychology with an emphasis on PTSD and TBI. During this journey he discovered through his own experiences, injuries, studies, research, and helping other people that there were so many other factors, challenges and obstacles that affect veterans and their reintegration back to civilian life. 

This book covers common trends that show issues that need to be addressed both individually and socially in the veteran reintegration process and/or systems. 

The intention for this guide is to provide a ONE STOP or QUICK REFERENCE source of Research, Knowledge, and Resources for veterans to easily reference in the effort to help educate veterans on the issues, challenges, and process of transitioning out of the military, what to do once they get out, develop a plan, and provide resources to help make life a little easier during and after that experience. 

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Very few people outside the military can fully understand the culture, the values, or the
people who make up the ranks of the most powerful military force on earth. Only 1% of
Americans actively serve in the military.

John E. Heintzelman