This podcast is for anyone interested in Veteran-centric topics. Veterans have dedicated their lives to serving our country, so now it is our turn to serve them as they transition back into their civilian lives. One thing that has been discovered is that there is a lack of knowledge on the availability of resources and how to properly navigate the system upon exiting military service. This podcast's purpose is to help fill this gap of knowledge and guide veterans to the resources and information that they so deserve.

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Veteran Doctor - Episode 24 - Veteran PTSD / The Cannabis Cure

Good Morning Veterans, Family, and Friends, welcome back to the TWENTY-FOURTH EPISODE of the Veteran Doctor. On this week's episode, we will discuss Veterans PTSD – The Cannabis Cure.


Marijuana Use for PTSD Among Veterans

The use of Marijuana for medical conditions is an issue of growing concern. Many Veterans use marijuana to reduce symptoms of PTSD, and many states specifically approve medical marijuana for PTSD. However, research has not been conducted on the safety or effectiveness of medical marijuana for PTSD. There is no evidence currently that suggests marijuana is an effective treatment for PTSD. This research indicates that marijuana can be harmful to individuals with PTSD.




Marijuana use has increased over the past decade. In 2013, a study found that 19.8 million people reported using marijuana in the past month, with 8.1 million using it almost every day (1). Daily use has increased by 60% in the prior decade (1). Several factors are connected with increased risk of marijuana use, involving diagnosis of PTSD (2), social anxiety disorder (3), other substance use, mainly through youth (4), and peer substance abuse (5).


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Dr. John E. Heintzelman

The Veteran Doctor Podcast seeks to research and discuss current Veteran centric topics that analyze current cultural, political, and legal issues by carefully defining terms, making the best arguments for each side, and landing wherever the facts demand.

Dr. John Heintzelman, host of the podcast, is a Las Vegas based Retired Combat Airborne Infantry Veteran, Technical Writer/Graphic Illustrator, Sports and Performance Psychologist, Research Psychologist, and a published author. With a passion for thoughtful research and free speech, John draws on his real world experience to discern the modern veteran issues that challenge today's culture and propose potential and realistic solutions and compromises to these issues. He welcomes suggestions and criticism and can be reached through the contact form.




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